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Cyber Security has taken a front row seat in today's transformation into the network-centric era of IoT, Risk Mitigation and Classless Vulnerability Encroachment.  New tools, new attacks, new methods of subterfuge all lead to one core concept - security starts at the network.  The responsibility of security still rests solely on every individual, from attitude to application - but can only be achieved by a solid, secure foundation in their trust in the network.

I believe Cyber & IT Security is fundamentally shifting outward - away from the endpoint and towards the architecture itself.  Network transport and access is the key to holistically being secure. We can secure every endpoint in an attempt to prevent new exposures, but what difference does that really make if the fundamental method of transport isn't secure? New exploits will find flaws in new hardware, software and social aspects of daily life as long as the core method used to propagate these exploits is not secured. 

Being a Security &  Network Guru!/Evangelist,  I've worked as an IT Executive/Technologist/Architect and I love evaluating, developing and implementing full-circle network solutions that are designed to increase your overall business and/or personal efficiency.

I specialize in security and network architecture, and well - everything tech! And most importantly, I completely enjoy interfacing with exciting people and their ideas as well as designing new and creative solutions to meet the "bottom line" for any business.

Check out my skills, experience and schedule some time to sit down and talk about how I can help you!

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"Simply put, Jim ran the best IT team, was the key guy and has been the first name I recommend to anyone looking to radically improve their IT dept. For 2+ years I ran a company without any significant IT issues because Jim was there. Always available, always on top of things and never giving me the "sorry can't do that" line, made working with Jim a joy. If you get the chance, grab him, you'll never regret it"

Cathal Phelan, CEO & President of Ubicom.


It's not science - it's practical magic!


While consulting at a large healthcare company, they were trying to promote internally core IT security solutions that were point-based and static.  I worked with their executive staff, security and networking teams to evangelize more dynamic and farther-reaching solutions that didn't lock them into a hardware lifecyle.  By enabling their staff with a more robust, flexible and dynamic security posture they not only saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on capital expenditures, but also in unnecessary downtime, on-going licensing, and skills transfer.  What was th solutions? Contact me to discuss more!

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